Certificate and Certification Procedures:

Step 1 X’TRACT COURSE- $1500.00 plus board fees...
The core of the academy’s training is the Certified X’Tract COACH or INSTRUCTOR program that requires hands on training and 90 hours of practicum to be completed. The main focus of this program is to teach X’Tract technique and associated skills.

Step 2 Facilitator/ Coach – certificate of completion through Majestic Wellness Academy
facilitator only programs training is for a certificate of completion, this program requires

3 day hands- on workshop, required text books purchased prior to workshop. and 90 hour practicum.

This program you must complete all 90 hours of practicum and may only accept donation for payment. Once all 90 hours have been documented and proven, you are then free to charge a competitive rate for your area and demographics, anywhere from $60-$120 per session. (Not per hour).

With this program you are also free to upgrade at any time to the instructors program, just pay the difference of the fees, and attend the workshop accordingly. Deadline for instructors is December 31.2016


This course is mandatory and must be completed online at, pay all fees to this organization, this is for the board only, has nothing to do with MWA tuition. (All legal language and law compliance.)

Step 5 INSTRUCTORS COURSE- deadline for applications is December 31, 2016
Instructor programs training is for a INSTRUCTOR board certified in X’Tract, this program requires 4 day hands on workshop, additional fee

Anyone who performs or teaches X’Tract must be a member of the Private Membership Association. This association is the approved system that allows all licensed and non-licensed professionals to practice and teach X’Tract anywhere in the nation.
This is also an insurance policy to all who teach and practice X’Tract.
Everyone who enrolls as a student or instructor will automatically be enrolled in this membership; my own private membership association is called “ Majestic Wellness Association”. This was established before any students or instructors became certified and has been approved and set up according to all the bi laws of the association.
All students and instructors must sign all necessary forms that can be downloaded on our site.

If a potential student or instructor denies to sign the required forms then that candidate will then be ineligible to participate the workshop.
This association is not an option it protects all who are involved with X’Tract and MWA,
With the understanding that X’Tract is not a massage technique it is in fact a cleansing and toxic release process and is not governed by any state massage licensing standards, nor does it need to be, thus my own private membership association that was formed, Majestic Wellness Association.

Step 8 ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY COURSE (not applicable in all states)
You must take this course or the equivalent course as a prerequisite to the student and instructor’s course, if you have already taken this course recently in the last 2 years, you must provide documents with proof of completion. This course is offered through the; you must take and pass all exams.



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