Xtract is an original detoxification process focusing on the lymphatic system that results in a release of toxins, both physical and emotional. It is the missing link to optimal whole health and wellness.  These courses are currently open to licensed or certified healthcare practitioners who have graduated from a healthcare practitioner program.

"The XTRACT bodywork is a great lymphatic technique that pairs well with a chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractic works to realign the spine. This is refreshing to the nervous system. It creates a flow for the body to expel toxins with ease. Those who experience XTRACT will feel energized, lighter and calm. It is a refreshing way to rid the body of toxic elements. XTRACT is a great source of balance between adjustments. The lymphatic flow will keep you and your spinal alignment happy. "

Dr. Brian Cotter, DC
Back to Health Chiropractic, A Wellness Way Office

"Most people who have chronic illnesses have stagnant lymphatic systems. XTRACT is a wonderful modality to help improve one’s health. XTRACT is not only relaxing, but it’s beneficial for the lymphatic system and one’s overall well being. XTRACT creates a flow for the lymphatic system. Most of our past clients who experienced an XTRACT session felt they had more energy."

Michele Miller
Detox Shop and Spa

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