Xtract is an original detoxification process focusing on the lymphatic system that results in a release of toxins, both physical and emotional. It is the missing link to optimal whole health and wellness.  These courses are currently open to licensed or certified healthcare practitioners who have graduated from a healthcare practitioner program.

"I was heart broken watching my sister and mother both die of cancer in 2011 and 2017. This shook me to my core and God told me it is time to get my body, this temple, healed and in order. I learned about the XTRACT Lymphatic Detox from my dear friend, Nikki Howard. She had been helping me get my body chemistry in order by taking various supplements and doing a total body detox. I had started Weight Watchers last July 5, 2017 and had lost 35 pounds but I was stuck and could not lose more weight. I had reached a plateau and then I decided to try XTRACT to help get my metabolism moving. I ordered the book, The Unveiled Truth, by Nina Venturella, and was so excited to try this. It is working!! I began my XTRACT Journey on July 20th, 2018 and now have lost 7.6 more pounds. This was and is the missing piece that I needed to do to help get my body moving forward and healed up from past wounds in my life. My emotions were also being challenged as I faced some difficult health issues within my immediate family. XTRACT sessions helped me release toxins, fat, and emotional baggage that was trapped in my body, soul, mind and spirit. The sessions, along with proper nutrition, supplements, exercise, and drinking plenty of good water has helped me lose the weight both physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is amazing and has given me a NEW sense of purpose. God made me to honor HIM in ALL things. That means it is time to get my temple/body in better shape, in order and healthy. I would highly recommend XTRACT sessions for others who want to WALK IN LOVE and FREEDOM! I am learning how to love myself in a healthy way and take care of this temple so I can love others too. It truly is transforming my life and I am SO GRATEFUL to GOD for what I am learning. REBECCA KASPEREK (2018) "


"my chronic pain I felt 24/7. I received so much more even though I left with a headache and felt pretty sick after getting home from all the toxins she released from my lymphatic system it was worth it cause my lower back pain was gone my knees felt so much better getting out of bed was so much easier for me. It didn’t take me forever to get up and straighten my back up from so much pain. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from my session but I was hopeful before arriving and now I’m excited to see what happens at my next session I truly believe that I’m going to heal not only physically but emotionally as well and be able to live a really good life with my family and feel free from all the negative painful garbage that I have been carrying around with me almost my whole life because before yesterday’s session I felt like nothing more than a burden to my family. So, I just have to say to anyone who reads this if you are sick of being sick, struggling to make it through the day and you are in constant pain and feel like you are always letting your family down you should try Xtract trust me you won’t regret it and Michelle is amazing at getting you through it. Michelle, I want to thank you for being so kind, thoughtful and patient with me. (2018) RACHEL "


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