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BEyond the physical

Root causes

Its time we open up the hood and look whats inside, what is obvious to the eye may not be the actual problem.  Its what lies within.

WEEkly coaching programs now available

If you are wondering why you have no energy, you cant find happiness or just struggling to get out of bed, then you need to go deeper beyond the symptoms and look whats going on in your mind will and emotions.  There is a deep connect between your Spirit , Soul and Body.  We will customize a program specifically designed for you.

Fee schedule 

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45 min sessions

week to week



Sample 8 week coaching session

Week One

· Go over questionnaire

· Accountability journal

· Write down the top 3 issues.

· Discovery of root issues.

Week Two

· The Unveiled Truth reading assignment begins

· Soul Tank

o Here we will explore soul issues and root areas of trauma and other factors that are causing problems.

o Understand that you have acknowledged you have certain challenges and have become toxic in these areas, it is important that you work on one area at a time.

Week Three

Body-Physical Tank

· This is the week when you go over all the affirmations and promises that God has given you about your health and well-being.

· This is also the week that you start to re-establish your goals and desires with your Physical Tank- see book also if you need to change anything in your diet this is also the week to focus on that.

Week Four

· Soul Tank

· Generational curses- bloodline

· Your more than half way there, this is the week you renounce all the generational curses and break all soul ties. You will focus every day on breaking free and cleansing this tank

Week five

· Body and Soul Tanks

· Go over the last 2-week journal and homework

Note: It may begin to get increasingly more difficult now, since you may be feeling some of the side effects of the areas being cleansed. This week you just keep doing what you are doing and don’t give up. This is the week were the rubber hits the road; this week will make or break you. Your almost there, just 2 more weeks to go. Focus on Luke 10:16, 19. Also, your daily affirmation should be NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER. I also recommend you start wearing your armor. Ephesians 6:10-18. You may be starting to get attacks because you are so close to a breakthrough, keep up the good work!

· Exercises and other tips for healthy lymphatic system

· DIY Xtract, perform a full Xtract on yourself

Note: Now you are ready to start focusing on cleansing your lymphatic system and colon, I want you to focus on the body tank this week. Make appointments for your therapies, take a trip to your health food store and pick up your colons cleanse kit. This week is dedicated to making sure your physical tank is completely cleansed.

Week Six

· Recap last weeks and time for any questions

Congratulations! You made it. By this time, you have cleansed all 3 tanks, you have endured the detox process and you are on your way to a healthy mind, body and soul.

Old things have passed away all things have become new.

· Eulogy

· Declarations

Week Seven

Resetting mindsets

· Patterns

· Perspective

· Self-talk

Week eight

Root Causes/ Self-Healing Techniques

· Blood line cleansing

· Breaking off familiar spirits

· Breaking off religious spirits

$175 a session

45 minutes each session

Pay prior to weeks appt.

Must secure a credit card to hold appt.

24 hour cancellation or will be charged a $50 cancellation fee

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